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Z Project

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No New Posts Z Collectors

Herein are the records of the Z dragons who are officially registered in Z Project and those who own them. The personal lists of individual collectors have also been included where possible.

Moderator: Echo

174 324 Penthasilia - Z Dragons
by Echo
May 2, 2019 15:28:57 GMT -8
No New Posts Z Donors

Herein is a record of Z people who participate in Z Project by donating Z eggs. They need more acknowledgement than a list.

221 223 Wintermute - Z Donations
by Echo
Dec 3, 2020 14:02:09 GMT -8
No New Posts Z Project

The new condensed version of Z Project! There are some Z Participants who are not members of L&L. This should make it easier to wander through Z Project.

Suggestions always appreciated and welcome. Please post them on Z Project's suggestion thread.

Update: During the Proboards upgrade, the formatting was scrambled. Due to this issue, the boards are no longer in alphabetical order. I am currently seeking a way to solve this issue. Thanks for your patience. At the moment, the fastest way to find someone you are looking for is go to the "Z Participants" thread and click on their name. It will take you directly to their Z record.

Moderator: Echo

Sub-board: Z Discussion and FAQ

21 124 Post Z Dragons Here
by Ruby Eyes
Sept 16, 2022 0:58:47 GMT -8

Dragon Center

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No New Posts Adoption Agency and Requests

Have an egg or hatchling that needs a home? Have something else that's not Dragcave that needs a home? Post it here!

Need a specific dragon? Want a signature? From breeding requests to signature requests, this is the place to go.

Sub-board: Banner, Icon, and Signature Requests

1 6
No New Posts Hatchery

Our Hatchery. The Nest, Member Scrolls and the ER Vault are contained herein.

Guests can post here now.

Sub-board: More Creature Goodness

5 37 The Nest
by Johannake2000
Sept 22, 2023 13:20:45 GMT -8
No New Posts Trade Center

Have a dragon you would like to trade? Hatchling gender wrong? Simply feel like giving a dragon away?

Set up one-way or two-way trades here!

Sub-board: The IOU Speakeasy

4 11


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No New Posts

Check out this board for the latest news updates.

9 49 Member Activity Chart
by Echo
Jan 12, 2019 18:48:07 GMT -8
No New Posts Advertisements / Site Recommendations

Have a site you love and want to recommend? Post it here!

Guest Posting enabled.

3 5 Our advertisement
by Echo
Feb 7, 2017 17:40:34 GMT -8
No New Posts
Help Section

A read-only board with a variety of useful information. This board includes help guides for breeding techniques, dragon actions and other information.

To find out answers not listed here, post a question in the FAQ section or message Tsar'Lena

Sub-boards: FAQ, Rules

29 68 Signatures are different
by Echo
Dec 3, 2020 11:51:36 GMT -8
No New Posts Suggestions

Have a suggestion for the site? This is the place to post it. Suggestions are welcomed and encouraged!

See a problem (grammar, spelling etc.) or found a bug? Go here to report it so we can fix it!

Sub-board: Bugs / Typos

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No New Posts Holiday Projects - 1 Viewing

Projects specific to the holiday seasons. Each holiday project will only be active during the correct time of the year.

Moderator: Kalanzyne

Sub-boards: Christmas, Halloween, Valentines

5 17 Looking for....
by Ruby Eyes
Oct 19, 2022 3:55:35 GMT -8
No New Posts Other Projects

This board contains other projects happening in the L&L.

Feel free to post personal lineages / bloodlines you would like to continue or other projects of interest that the L&L Community can participate in.

Moderator: Kalanzyne

Sub-boards: L&L DC Records Project, Rare Project

48 220

The Members' Section

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No New Posts Discussion

A discussion board. We only have one so feel free to talk about anything, dragon related or not.

Sub-board: Public Opinion

3 17 Default Theme Discussion
by Echo
May 3, 2017 12:48:55 GMT -8
No New Posts Games

Games! Clicks! Random Spam yay!

Guest posting enabled so everyone can play!

Sub-board: Role-Play

1 29 Time Lord Renegade Name Generator
by Echo
Apr 14, 2017 19:57:20 GMT -8
No New Posts Introductions, Farewells, and LOAs

Come and meet our members! Introduce yourself, post a picture, and greet others. We want to know about you.

Sub-boards: Introductions, Leaving/Returning, Member Photos

13 54 hi
by wingsfire0
Sept 21, 2023 3:01:58 GMT -8
No New Posts
Member Lairs

Herein lay the personal Lairs of our members. If you would like one, PM the admin to set one up for you.

Sub-boards: Catplayer, Dewdropmon, Dragongirl, Echo, JemClock's Lair, Kalanzyne, Lumos' Lair, Ruby Eyes' Lair

167 556 Breeding Projects (current)
by Ruby Eyes
Jul 27, 2023 2:14:11 GMT -8


New Posts New Posts No New Posts No New Posts

Welcome to Lairs and Layers!

Just dropped by to check us out? Leave a message!
Ruby Eyes: o/ Sept 26, 2023 8:08:02 GMT -8
wingsfire0: hi everyone Sept 25, 2023 4:19:03 GMT -8
wingsfire0: hi Sept 22, 2023 3:04:00 GMT -8
wingsfire0: ok Sept 21, 2023 6:02:59 GMT -8
Ruby Eyes: Once an egg says "Egg will die if it doesn’t hatch in: 4 days" or less, it can hatch with those stats. Sept 21, 2023 5:42:21 GMT -8
wingsfire0: Hey i have another question. my egg has 2,844 views and 617 unique views should it hatch by now? Sept 21, 2023 3:30:23 GMT -8
wingsfire0: hay if you are a guest ask any question i will try to answer it Sept 21, 2023 2:56:15 GMT -8
wingsfire0: Hey i have another question. my egg has 2,844 views and 617 unique views. should it hatch by now? Sept 21, 2023 2:48:43 GMT -8
wingsfire0: hi everyone how are you today? Sept 20, 2023 2:46:41 GMT -8
Ruby Eyes: Unique views (UV) are basically unique people who have seen your egg at least once. Views can be given multiple times per person, and can be up to 15 times as many as UVs. Clicks help, too, but are not required. Sept 19, 2023 6:48:21 GMT -8
Ruby Eyes: Still some stats to collect then :) Sept 19, 2023 6:46:30 GMT -8
wingsfire0: and 66 unique Sept 19, 2023 6:43:04 GMT -8
wingsfire0: it says that it has 168 total views Sept 19, 2023 6:41:50 GMT -8
Ruby Eyes: I have a few, yes Sept 19, 2023 6:40:48 GMT -8
Ruby Eyes: What does its countdown say? How many views and unique views does it have so far? Sept 19, 2023 6:40:32 GMT -8
wingsfire0: Does any one else have a Magnesium Amphiptere
Sept 19, 2023 6:39:01 GMT -8
wingsfire0: the one i have is a Lightstreak Dragon
Sept 19, 2023 6:32:32 GMT -8
Ruby Eyes: Most of my eggs hatch with ~2000 views/400 unique views, with the help of the usual hatcheries like valleysherwood.com or allureofnds.net Sept 19, 2023 6:32:22 GMT -8
wingsfire0: oh ok ty Sept 19, 2023 6:31:53 GMT -8
Ruby Eyes: It depends. Hatchling is a formula of time and stats, which consists of clicks, unique views and views. An egg needs to count down to 4 days left to hatch at all, anyway. Sept 19, 2023 6:31:23 GMT -8
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